10 years in business is worth celebrating.

10th anniversary celebration

A reflection on Sense Recruitment’s journey to success.

When the statistics tell you that only 20% of small business survive past 5 years we figure that making it to 10 is so worth celebrating. Anyone in the Perth business community over the last 10 years would have ridden the WA economy rollercoaster, but in recruitment, where unemployment rose from 3 to 6%, I think reaching this milestone really deserves a pat on the back. And I’ll take it 😊

Starting in October 2007, Sense-IT opened as a boutique style recruitment agency, offering not only an exceptional candidate service but to become the partner of choice for clients wanting to build winning teams.  And like many working women, I was looking for somewhere I could do what I love and still have some balance to raise my young family.  

Alas, as most business owners would probably get, I’m still struggling to get that elusive day off, 10 years on!   Every time I got the business to a point where I could potentially wind back a little bit, something would go down the gurgler, and I’d have to throw myself back in full-time.  Fortunately, my kids survived, and they all are now incredibly driven, independent adults. They are watching and listening, and take in more than you know. For all the guilt I felt at the time as a working parent, I now know I was doing something right and really giving them someone to look up to.  

But all along we’ve had a lot of fun, in a culture where our staff feel a sense of family, and get to enjoy the rewards of a successful career and a balanced work life with their own families. There have been times when our offices had a few little people hanging around during the school holidays and when they were sick.  The best part is watching little kids grow into big ones, with their parents very much their heroes and being present in their kid’s lives, school events and other special milestones.

Thank you for your trust, loyalty and believing in us.

When I started this business, I had no idea that I’d meet so many wonderful people who would become friends, mentors and champions of the Sense brand. A huge personal thank you to everyone who has been part of our success.  Our fun and dedicated staff (past and present), clients, candidates, mentors, suppliers and of course, our fantastic networks who continually go out of their way to support us.

You’ve all played a huge part in Sense Recruitment hitting the 10-year mark. We certainly can’t know what the next decade will bring, but we can promise the same level of commitment and excellence that both defines and empowers us to remain authentic, and strive to make a difference, every day.  

Cheers to another amazing 10 years.

And, from one of my favourite Christmas Carols, always celebrate “Like a Child”



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