Perth Recruitment Insights: How LinkedIn is helping and hurting your talent attraction efforts.

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We’ve seen the fortunes of the Perth recruitment industry fluctuate over the years, especially with one of the city’s major industries – resources – taking a bit of a nosedive. We’ve all seen the tumbleweed rolling down the terrace lately… Alright perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration but you get the drift. ‘Recruitment is dead,’ some say. The recruitment industry isn’t dying… it’s just changing.

As much as recruiters would like to think otherwise, there’s a virtual truth in the LinkedIn threat. 500 million users worldwide and 10 million job postings – enormous, isn’t it? But is LinkedIn really helping the Perth recruitment industry… or hurting it? We’ve been in the game for 10 years now… it’s fair to say that we’re at the forefront of how LinkedIn and other online tools continue to change the status quo for both employers and recruiters – some for the better, some not so much.

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Using LinkedIn Exclusively? The Slow (But Imminent) Death Of Your Business

Yes, LinkedIn serves as a brilliant tool to convey your brand character, but using it exclusively can compromise your ability to obtain talent. It’s vital to acknowledge the problems your business could face if you make the decision to utilise LinkedIn exclusively to engage your staff. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

  • Writing a seductive ad is an art. Have you snoozed through your own mundane job descriptions before you’ve finished writing it? Potential candidates have already moved on to the next job posting.
  • Some of the best candidates are approached on LinkedIn 2-3 times a day. How is your approach going to stand out and gain traction?
  • Not everyone uses LinkedIn every day – particularly in some professions. Someone has found a more creative way to get in touch with a candidate and hired them first.
  • With Social Media News revealing that there were 3.6 million active Australian LinkedIn users in January 2017, is your team equipped to be able to wade through the masses to find and engage with suitable candidates?
  • The extended access and search functions associated with Premium and Recruiter LinkedIn accounts come at a substantial cost – is your business using them effectively?
  • Using LinkedIn exclusively merits a great deal of hard work but its not a bulletproof strategy for talent acquisition.

What is the impact on your business if someone else gets to the right talent before you do?

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Perth Recruitment: When Modern Meets Traditional… Like it’s 2017

“Big data will kill recruitment agencies!” “We can buy a robot to sort CV’s!” “The Internet will obliterate traditional ways of reaching out to employees!” How many times have you heard these musings? People have been predicting the end of recruitment since we can remember – with Mayan like accuracy.

LinkedIn and other online job boards aren’t going anywhere, and are valuable tools for building strong Perth recruitment networks in a challenging market for employers. Here’s a secret – don’t view online tools and resources as a challenge to your recruitment needs, instead embrace them and combine it with recruitment’s most vital ingredient – humanity! You’ll notice the difference it makes.

We’ve certainly asked ourselves some tough questions over the years – even questioned our viability in this theatrically shifting market. The truth is that we’ve had to seriously adapt our toolbelt over the years… but we’re still here to tell the story (not without some talent war wounds, though). Recruitment isn’t dying. It’s just changing. Future-proof organisations will acknowledge this and the huge role that recruitment agencies in Perth still have to play. Partnering with the right local recruitment agency will help businesses in WA to not just survive, but to thrive!

The best recruiters have long embraced LinkedIn and use a wide range of other tools available to find the best talent. They’ve also mastered that vital human element that is required to get talent across the line and into your business. This enables them to really partner with businesses like yours to build quality talent pipelines – crucial in a small and highly competitive Perth market.

  • They have supplemented their set of tools, and infused them with the irreplaceable ‘human touch’. See for yourself why you could benefit from a mix of both worlds with your recruitment agency:
  • They meet, qualify and reference every candidate that they represent – leaving you to interview only the best few.
  • They have strong relationships with candidates that were established long before your job requirement.
  • They are in touch with the Perth recruitment market every single day – not just when you’re hiring.
  • They take the best of technology and inject the human touch we all crave.
  • They let you focus on what you’re good at… your core business.

Are you ready to win the war for talent and leave your competitors behind? We’ve seen the impact of LinkedIn and it’s vital not to put all your eggs in one basket. Embrace tools to enhance your recruitment strategy – don’t rely on them entirely. The death of Perth recruitment agencies is a long way off if you ask us.

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