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Quality labour-hire and contract recruitment services.

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Sense Recruitment is here to source, hire and manage on-hire employees as a trusted extension of your employee brand.

We know! You need a contractor to start yesterday. Sense Recruitment provides a quality labour-hire and contract recruitment service. Whether you’re running a transformation and need an extra set of hands or need someone to backfill Karen’s long service leave, we’ve got you covered.

We are proud to manage an accurate and timely payroll service in house and provide a professional, candidate care service that our contractors rave about.

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More than 95% of our contractors placed get extended or converted to permanent. We treat your short-term requirements like it’s a forever role – and find you people you’ll love who hit the ground running.

“Anita has been instrumental in shaping my career when I landed in Australia over 20 years ago. ‘Fresh from the boat’ meant that I have had no idea about the culture and work conditions and I certainly wasn’t accustomed to using recruitment agencies. I had my career ‘reset’ and the help that I have received from her over the years has allowed me to build a new career rapidly. I followed her around and was thrilled when she decided to form Sense Recruitment. I always felt in good hands at Sense and I valued the honesty and constant feedback I received as a candidate.

The relationship with Sense grew alongside my career and naturally transitioned from candidate to client. The team at Sense listens carefully and understands what it is that a client needs. The recruiters have the ability to see the person behind the CV and know what to look for. I take a lot of comfort from the fact that candidates are being followed-up on and are kept informed, whether successful or not.

Over the years this has taken us to far flung places as my work took me to Asia. Whenever things became difficult or impossible I knew that I could rely on Sense to make the impossible happen, even if it was well outside of their geography.

As a Consultant I rely heavily on the team to help me build high-performing teams that not only deliver but also fit into the work culture. I regularly refer Sense to my clients and they have all been delighted with the service.
I am truly grateful for everything Sense has done for me and I cherish the strong relationship we have built.”

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