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Our due diligence process is thorough and generates critical information that eliminates risk and enables you to make timely, informed decisions.

Our position mapping process enables us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the company, the leadership team, strategic direction, cultural alignment, direct reports and any other key indicators that will assist us in our search and attraction strategies so we can produce a shortlist of outstanding executives.

We have invested heavily in tools and training that extends our research capability locally, nationally and internationally as well as utilising our database and extensive network of contacts so as to identify and assess candidates who initially identify with the requirements for skills, competency, and cultural alignment.

Communication is a fundamental pillar of our commitment to clients and candidates.

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Our team are industry/functional specialists with extensive networks and market insights. Your Executive Search Starts here.

“At Toxfree, we look for managers who are capable of taking responsibility and who are a good fit with our company’s culture. Anita and her team at Sense Recruitment ask the right questions, take the time to understand our needs and identify people who are highly qualified and are suited to our company.

After our own an extensive search for an Executive role I contacted Anita to assist in sourcing the perfect candidate and she delivered. I have every confidence in Sense Recruitment to find outstanding candidates”

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Sarah Bagshawe
GM of HR