The Ultimate Guide For Onboarding Remote Tech Professionals

Ultimate Onboarding Guide for Tech Remote Professionals - Sense Recruitment - Blog

The competition for top tech talent is still in full swing, especially in Perth’s thriving mining, oil and gas, and corporate industries. The good news? The talent pool is no longer limited to your office’s four walls. Remote work has become the norm for many tech professionals, opening doors to a wider range of skilled individuals who can propel your digital transformation.

But attracting talent is just one piece of the puzzle. Our tech geeks (we say that with love) are well versed and thrive working in remote environments, and as an employer, embracing remote work is a fantastic way for you to attract the best and brightest talent. However, ensuring they’re fully set up for success requires a well-oiled onboarding process.

As a leading recruitment agency in Perth, Sense Recruitment understands the unique challenges and opportunities of our local industries. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive checklist to help you onboard your new remote tech team efficiently and effectively.

Gear Up

Let’s face it, a good chair and a reliable internet connection are non-negotiables. It’s a good idea to set clear expectations from the get-go about the equipment your new hire needs and whether you’ll provide it or reimburse them for sorting it themselves.

Welcome Wagon

A personalised welcome email or video message from the team sets the tone. Include a virtual office tour (a walkthrough of your key communication platforms is ideal) and essential resources like company handbooks and benefits information.

Time Zone Tango

Factor in time zone differences when scheduling meetings and training sessions. Consider using communication options like recordings or shared documents for flexible learning if the time zone is a little out of sync.

Tech Check

Schedule a dedicated IT support session to make sure your newest team member has their workstation set up correctly, the right applications downloaded, and security protocols understood.

Meet the Crew

Virtual introductions are key! Organise video calls with their immediate team, manager, and broader departments. Encourage casual conversations to break the ice so everyone can get to know each other better.

Set Expectations & Goals

Outline clear performance expectations, project timelines, and communication channels. Don’t forget to discuss their long-term career path within your company to promote retention and a sense of direction.

Onboarding Plan

Develop a structured onboarding plan that outlines what your new tech hire will be doing during the first week, month, and quarter. This plan should include training sessions, check-ins, and milestones.

Training Sessions

Schedule training sessions to cover essential tools, systems, and processes. Utilise screen sharing and recorded videos as much as possible to make sure your new hire can revisit the material as a reference if needed.

Assign a Mentor

Pair the new hire with a mentor or buddy who can provide guidance, answer questions, and help them navigate the company’s culture and workflows. This is particularly important when onboarding remote workers to help them feel connected to your company and its people when they aren’t physically present.

Set Clear Goals

It’s important to establish clear, measurable goals for the new hire to help them understand what success looks like and provide a benchmark for their performance as they go.

Provide Feedback

Communication is absolutely essential with a remote hire. To help them improve and align their efforts with company expectations, you should be offering constructive feedback regularly.

Recognise Achievements

As with any member of your team, whether remote or not, acknowledging and celebrating achievements, both big and small, is a must for boosting morale and helps to reinforce positive behaviour.

Essential Software

It’s a good idea to check in and ensure your new recruit always has access to all of the necessary software and tools. This may include project management tools, communication platforms, and industry-specific applications. Always keep them informed if an update is required or you’re switching to a new platform to avoid any confusion.

Resource Library

Resource libraries are an absolute must-have for remote workers, especially when they’re just starting out. Given the lack of physical interaction, a new hire may find it difficult to reach out with questions often; creating a resource library with documents, tutorials, and guides that they can refer to as needed will alleviate a lot of stress.

IT Support

Just because they aren’t in the office, doesn’t mean your remote worker should have to wait longer for IT support so they can continue working. You should always provide access to IT support to resolve any technical issues promptly through a dedicated IT helpdesk or a point of contact within the team.

Security Training

Like any member of your team, your remote working onboarding process should include security training to ensure they understand the company’s security policies and best practices for protecting sensitive information.

Compliance Policies

Along with making sure they’re up to speed on your security processes, train your new hire about any industry-specific regulations and company policies. This ensures that even though they’re just starting out, they’ll be maintaining compliance with those all-important policies.

Data Access

For the safety and security of your business, control access to sensitive data and systems across the board. Check that the new hire has the necessary permissions for their role but doesn’t have access to information beyond their scope.

Remember that a well-onboarded employee is not only more productive but also more likely to stay with your company long-term. That’s why investing time and resources into your remote working onboarding process is an investment in the future success of your business. So, let’s get your new remote tech professionals off to a flying start!

At Sense Recruitment, we’re here to support you every step of the way, providing the expertise and resources you need to build out your technology transformation teams. With more than 25 years of experience and a strong connection to the Perth IT industry, Sense can help you successfully onboard and retain your top tech talent.

Whether you’ve got remote work onboarding questions or you’re looking for candidates to fill your next technology role, get in touch with us today!