People vs Paper – Don’t judge a CV by its cover (letter)

Mark Sheppard



Today I’d like to talk about the request for interviews and hiring manager engagement with referred candidates.

We read a lot of CV’s here and one thing we find is that it’s been absolutely key to us to have that person come in face to face and meet. We find out in those interviews a lot more about that person.

We find out their mannerisms, idiosyncrasies, personal ways of speaking and the way they conduct themselves and how they present. These things aren’t able to be translated in a CV. We often find that hiring managers may reject a person for interview purely on the bases of their CV or profile.

One thing I’d encourage hiring managers to do is that if you see something you like, if 80% is there, interview that person. The 20% you’re looking for could easily come out at interview.

From another perspective, that person could easily be trained and provided learning objectives to develop those skills – which again enhances their career prospects, provides greater engagement for the business and is essentially a value add for the business as time goes on, even potentially increasing retention as well .

So there’s a key tip – when your looking at CV remember there is a person behind that curriculum vitae.