Guess who just turned 13! Here’s why we all need to celebrate

Hip hip hooray! This month, we turned 13 – and with that, Sense Recruitment is now officially a teenager!

According to some… “13 isn’t such a lucky number!”  Did you know it’s considered unlucky to have 13 guests at a dinner party, many buildings don’t have a 13th floor and most people avoid getting married or buying a house on a day marked by this dreaded number. Well, we’re here to buck that trend because, on the joyous anniversary of our successful business, we’re flipping the lid.  Did you know 13 in word means “assured growth” or “definitely vibrant” in Chinese. 

I think we’ll run with that!


‘Making perfect Sense’ of adolescence

Ok, yes – teenagers sometimes get a bad rap.

But adolescence is actually a critical phase – both for humans and businesses. It’s known to be the transitional stage between childhood and adulthood. Remember back then? We all had heads bursting with question marks:

“Who am I?”

“Where am I headed?”

“Am I doing enough?”

As a business, we ask ourselves these questions a lot and figured this year, the year that was (or wasn’t) is the perfect time to redefine ourselves and further develop our service offering! So, as we embark on our 14th year, and adulthood, there’s definitely a lot in store for our team – and ultimately for you our valued clients and candidates.


We have something super exciting

Unwrapping our presents and ta-da! We’ve launched a new website so that you can enjoy every moment along your Sense journey. It’s jam-packed with a new look and feel, additional services and will provide a whole lot more value for our customers experience.

Hopefully reading this means you’ve seen it?  We’re pretty stoked with it really hope it provides everyone with an unmatched experience when it comes to finding your next candidate or discovering your next new role.

We’d love to know what you think. 


Our birthday means more giving!

We love to share the love.

Along our journey to 13, we have proudly partnered with some of WA’s best Resources, Mining Services, Energy, Utilities and Tech Companies, proudly sharing their employer brand stories as their key partner.

The more wins we have with our clients means we get to give even more to our community.  It’s certainly the Perth way.

The Sense Recruitment team are proud to have given back to organisations such as Putt4Dough, Perth’s Homelessness We Care and other local charities, donating and raising funds, our time, giving out blankets and cooking meals for people who needed it most.

We value every opportunity to support organisations like these, and as we turn a year older, we’re excited to continue giving back for many more to come.  We offer Referral Rewards via our jobs pages and will be donating our unclaimed Referral Rewards to nominated local charities.


What’s next for Sense?

Time most certainly flies when you’re having fun!

It seems it was only yesterday when we were just a start-up business, focused purely on technology and known as Sense-IT.

Today, Sense Recruitment has become a leading pioneer of talent sourcing for businesses across various industries such as Technology, Corporate, Business Support, Sales & Marketing and Executive. Not to mention having our recruitment services span both national and international borders.

As our 13th birthday passes, and demand for specialised talent is greater than ever, we’ve attracted some great consultants internally to help us cater to even more disciplines.

Hang on to your party hats! We now offer more specialist recruitment services in Accounting & Finance, Financial Services, Energy, Mining & Construction! Watch this space.


Thanks for the well wishes

With every fibre of our being, we’d like to thank everyone who has been part of our amazing journey.

Without you, we wouldn’t have made it this far.

Our trusted responsibility of finding the highest calibre candidates for the right roles to uncover true potential and help take businesses and careers to the next level is a true privilege.

Something that makes us truly believe, “Wow! We have the best jobs ever!”.

And makes us strive to do more.

This is why people love working with us!

Our love for what we do is genuinely reflected in our service.

With that, we say a very happy 13th birthday to Sense! This is as much of a celebration of you as it is for us.

And hey!  We think there’s some really great things about being a teenager.  We’re in our happy place, we have an excuse to try different things, we’re always learning and most importantly everything ahead is exciting.

Contact us today and come along the journey with us as we continue to grow “up”.