Helping Perth’s Homeless

Sense Recruitment is proud to support Homelessness We Care – Perth.  Jane Armstrong and her partner Sim started as a Homeless Food Run on a Tuesday night.  These wonderful people and their group of supporters and volunteers source food items, cook and then serve almost 300 meals per week in Perth and Rockingham.  As well as regular meal services they also ensure Perth’s homeless community have access to other services such as showers, blankets, clothing, sanitary, non-perishable food items, treats, TLC, laughter and hugs (when not social distancing).

Our Managing Director, Anita Pages-Oliver, has come to know Jane and Sim very well through the distribution of blankets we’ve collected over the years from our community blog.  Anita often can be found cooking or serving, alongside all of the other amazing community minded volunteers, including some of our schools.  COVID-19 has changed the way meals can be distributed which now means cooking is done in a commercial kitchen supervised by a qualified chef with stringent health and safety conditions.

Homelessness really is something that we are all a few bad decisions or a few bad events away from. It is a fine line between having and not having, and with the current economic state, the line is becoming finer.  How can you help?

Help us Help Homelessness We Care – Perth.

They rely solely on donations for the following.

We have a couple of drop off points for these items, please call Anita on 0421 969 626 or click here (our other blog)