Sense Values

Sense Values


The number one is making meaningful connections – and that’s all about networks.

But having authentic genuine conversations, and us really caring about, whether it’s a company or whether it’s a candidate, where they’re at, what they want to achieve, and how we can help them get there.

Digging deeper is another value – and that goes to A) if it’s a role we make sure that we ask all the questions, and we ask questions that other companies don’t ask. You know we actually get that feedback from clients as well.

So you really delve into the roles, into the team’s cultural questions, so that we really are aligning the right talent who answer… because we ask those questions to candidates as well.

So that’s how you match people, and you know it’s going to be a nice place for someone to go and work, achieve their career goals, but also feel really aligned to the culture and the values so that it’s a long-term situation.

Going above and beyond – When we get to partner with a client or a candidate, we really see that as a real privilege.

You know, when someone entrusts their career, or finding people for you, it’s a big thing. And we take it seriously, so we really work very hard to find what they’re looking for, whether it be the role or whether it be the candidate that they’re looking for.

So we will, you know, tap into our networks, we will dig deeper, we don’t give up, as well. So if we can’t find someone we’ll come back to the client and let them know, but we also ask them to reassess the boxes that they need ticking.

We sat with a client yesterday, and because they’re a government client, they can’t pay the salaries that most other organisations are paying, and because it’s an abundant marketing resources at the minute, the dollars are being thrown around are obviously a whole lot higher.

So we sat down with the client and actually said, well of all of these boxes which one can you drop off, and it was really great. We actually came to a conclusion we were actually looking for someone quite different, and it meant that we could go back out there after six weeks of searching, we could go out there now and have a really clear definition of what we should be looking for and who we should be pitching it to, and the client again thought it was really refreshing that we would come out with that angle as well.

One of those values is win win win, so there’s three wins in there for us, and that’s because we are an intermediary between candidates and clients. So when we talk about the three wins, it’s a win for everybody.

That’s certainly how we operate, that’s how we go about our business. And if you work that way, the outcome is just so much more successful for the long term.