Structuring your CV for Success – Part 1.

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As one of Perth’s top recruitment agencies we strive to match up employers with the best possible candidates for their business. A big part of our job working with candidates is responding to the question ‘how can I improve my CV?”. 

We’ve put together some info on what we believe constitutes a strong CV. This is part 1 of a 2 part series, and will cover basics not specific to content.

What does your CV do?

This is always our first question. Most answers we receive are something along the lines of ‘a description of my working history’. Wrong.

Your CV is so much more. Any candidate who has received advice from us on this topic gets fed this exact line:

Your CV is a marketing tool.

Think about it. You want your CV to get you the phone call, the interview, the JOB. The very purpose of this document is to sell you. Now that we have our sales caps on, lets start with the basics. These all need to be top notch and are my sincere recommendations to help you land that interview:

A well structured CV will go a long way in marketing you to your next employer

Although some may seem trivial, we guarantee that these are still important factors in building you a CV that will sell you well. Where was the last JD or Advertisement you read that didn’t include ‘verbal and written communication skills’ or ‘attention to detail’ as a prerequisite? A well structured CV that is thought out and free of these trivial errors is going to go a long way in marketing you to your next employer.

Stay tuned for our next instalment. In the mean time feel free to comment, share and include your own thoughts, experiences and insights surrounding CV’s – as a reader and writer!

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