1 Amazing Tip to Use SEEK.com to Help You Stand Out! [Video]

Anita Pages-Oliver


Hi it’s Anita from Sense Recruitment, in today’s video I just wanted to share some tips for anyone who’s at a cross-roads in their career.

We get referred people an awful lot (particularly in this market because there’s a lot of redundancies and people losing jobs to technology) and they want to know just where they go from here.

My first tip is to have a look at your current CV and job and really pull out the things that you love and enjoy, and the things you are good at. What you need to do next is put them into keywords and use those keywords to do a search on Seek.

When you’re searching on Seek don’t put anything into the category or industry – just use a straight keyword search. I encourage everyone I give this advise to to look nationally. You will be so surprised at what comes up! It could be stakeholder management, it could be people management, it could be excel spreadsheets – just by putting in different combos of those keywords.

When you reed all the jobs pick out the top 5 that resonate and print them out. What you will notice is that there will be a common language all the way through. That will give you an indication of what employees should have on their CV when they are applying for those jobs that employers are looking for.

So you then take that information and make sure your CV and Linkedin profile are updated with that language and those skills and rather than focusing on the jobs that you’ve done in the past. It’s really important to focus more on the functionality of the CV – meaning those skills that are transferable.

If you want any more information or want help with your CV or LinkedIn profile don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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