Planning your digital transformation – building your team around your objectives

Recruitment for your digital transformation team

In our last post we talked about defining your digital transformation goals. Once your goals are clear you are much better equipped to build your team to work through the issues and opportunities you have identified. Some key roles you may look to fill include designers, marketers, analysts and consultants, and tech roles.

Your marketing team are looking at how you’re engaging with your clients/customers. By this stage you are clear on the business goals of the project so your marketing team will understand what changes are coming. Get you customers excited about what’s to come! A designer can work with your marketing team to build this excitement. “You’ve spoken and we’ve listened.” A new range of products or services is coming and this is how it is going to meet these specific needs. Even some internal changes are worth sharing, tell your stakeholders how your doing things better.

Analysts and consultants
The analysts on your team map out process flows; identify opportunities for improvement (this is why your objectives start of with some flexibility) and make sure you’re not anchored to old ways of doing things. Analysts also help monitor the ROI from the project, how are you streamlining your processes and, if necessary, can advise on corrective action to keep the project on track.

Technology solutions
What digital services best suit your intended goals? We recently worked with a large wholesaler who worked with a POS that was so old we thought it ran off Windows DOS. Warehouse operations were slow, inefficient and frustrating for all staff. By recruiting an industry professional that specialised in CRMs, POS and web integrations the entire warehouse operation was rebuilt and the time saved from the countless additional tasks from the old system paid for itself with the first few months of implementation. Staff were happier and customers found the new web interface saved them time, making ordering many times easier.

The right tech staff on your team will already know a lot about the options on offer, the strengths and weaknesses of various applications, and how to implement them across the board. Your analysts will work very closely with the tech team to ensure new software or plant and equipment are optimising work processes.

Tailored recruitment for a smoother digital transformation
At Sense Recruitment are Perth’s recruitment specialists and we can help you find the right people to fill the specialised roles within your digital transformation team. Contact us to find out how we can help you.