Defining your digital transformation goals

Define your digital transformation goals

In the previous post we covered pre-planning your digital transformation. Before you hire the rest of your team spend some time getting to know the finer details of what you are actually setting out to achieve. Define the goals that you’re working towards – what do you want your digital transformation team to achieve? This might include the implementation of a new CRM or reviewing how your products are marketed to the appropriate target audience. Identify your key stakeholders; are their needs being met, what are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to delivering the objectives of your goal.

A customer survey is a very powerful tool when it comes understanding the needs of your staff as well as your customers and clients. Don’t be afraid to reach out, many people appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback and it helps to build customer/staff relations as well. Keep your questions concise with the option for further information for those who like to write a little more. Ask for positives and negatives – what could we do better to meet your needs?

Pro-tip! Issues are also opportunities.
This process will identify issues that your staff and customers experience as a result of engaging with your companies business practices. But, remember, we can choose to view them as issues or opportunities to do things better.

The information from your initial research helps to define the objectives for your digital transformation team. Your objectives will show the way when looking for who you need to recruit to your team.

Also, keep your objectives simple at this stage as they may evolve once you build your team and as the project evolves. You don’t know what you don’t know, and the right team members will bring a greater level of understanding to the processes in play for how your business operates, and how to lean into the opportunities you have identified.
With your goals identified its time to define the roles of your digital transformation team.