Pre-planning your digital transformation – start finding out what you don’t know

Digital transformation research

You might be thinking that building a digital transformation team is a matter of pulling together the right talent, setting them to work on your goals and then the magic starts to happen. This is not wrong per se but a little preparation first can make sure you’re hiring the right people by getting 100% clear on what it is you’re hiring them for.

One of the first roles to look for is someone who can assist with the macro view of the operations of your business. This role is best filled by an industry professional with a wealth of knowledge, perhaps a project manager who understands the nuances of the end-to-end processes of your business. Find someone who is respected in the fields who is also known for being something of a Visionary.

Your Visionary helps to identify areas that can be improved in the project, what objectives you are working towards, and what type of roles you are recruiting for to meet those objectives.
Let’s get started by identifying your digital transformation goals.