Questions You Should Ask of a Recruiter Who Calls You About a Job?

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Top questions you should ask a recruiter when they call you

Why ask these questions?

The best recruiters should be able to answer almost all of these questions and more. If they can’t answer those basic questions … then they probably don’t know their clients very well, and I would question whether or not you want them to represent you.

Good recruiters will also be able to help you tweak your résumé to better fit the job specs, prep and coach you on how to successfully interview using their insider knowledge of the company and the decision-makers, and they will help you negotiate the best salary if and when an offer comes.

Good recruiters will also follow through with things they say they will do, and will be good about keeping you informed with updates and progress reports. Expect good communication … and beware of anyone who suddenly stops returning your calls or emails — that’s a telltale sign of unprofessionalism that is certainly not limited to recruiters!Also, always verify that the recruiter will never submit your résumé to any companies or jobs without your knowledge and approval.

Believe it or not, that happens quite frequently. I’ve recruited many candidates over the years who swore they never even heard of my client company, only to find out later that the company had already received that person’s résumé from another recruiter! Not only did that make me look stupid, but more importantly it ruined that candidate’s chances of getting the job – most companies will automatically eliminate any candidate who is submitted from multiple sources. They don’t want to get into the middle of a turf war.

Courtesy So well written I wouldn’t change a word. Thanks Michael. It is so disheartening when you are working on roles to hear that so many candidates have been covered by an agency whom they can’t remember their name, they have no details about the job, team, company or culture. These candidates really need to take control of their own brand and ensure that they work with reputable Recruitment Agents who present their brand professionally in the market. And to the companies out there that may not even know this is going on, please do some due diligence on your agencies. Are you enabling your recruitment suppliers to become true partners; and a compelling voice in the market for your brand.

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