How to build a digital transformation team for your business – finding the right people

Building a digital transformation team

  1. Pre-planning your digital transformation

    The first step in this process is to get a bird’s eye or macro view of your business. Consider hiring someone from outside the business to get a purely objective view. Get a clear snapshot of how your business operates. Who’s in the team and what roles are they responsible for?

  2. Define your digital transformation goals

    Identify short, medium and long term goals that you are working towards. What processes, roles or systems can be employed to help reach your goals. Can these goals be reached with your current business structure and procedures?

  3. Planning your digital transformation

    Having identified your goals and objectives it is time to put strategies in place to employ new staff or redefine existing roles to create a clear path to reaching your goals. Working with a recruitment company who understands the digital transformation process can help find the right people to take your business to the next level.

A digital transformation team works to assist a company in transitioning to new, more effective digital solutions. Recruiting the right team can ensure a smooth and successful transition for your business. A good digital transformation team works with clear, shared goals, effective planning, good communication and the ability to work together efficiently. Sense Recruitment understands the processes and the types of roles you might seek to fill when building your team. We have assisted a number of Perth’s leading companies to find the right people so we have written this series of posts as a guide before starting your digital transformation.

Tailoring your digital transformation team

Sense Recruitment understands that every business has its own unique requirements when it comes to transitioning to new technological solutions. We work with some of Perth’s most experienced talent to help a number of companies build their digital transformation teams. It might sound like a well-worn cliché but your success is truly our success. Identifying the objectives of your transformation helps to identify the roles needed to make the project run smoothly. Let’s dive in…

  1. Pre-planning your digital transformation – start finding out what you don’t know
  2. Defining your digital transformation goals
  3. Planning your digital transformation – building your team around your objectives